Behind the Cuchumatanes

Behind the Cuchumatanes – Ixil community

The Ixil community live in the remote Cuchumatanes mountains, in the department of Quiché. They are an old mayan indigenous community. Due to the hard access and remoteness of this region they have preserved their identity and old culture.
This region as 3 municipalities ; Santa Maria Nebaj, San Gaspa Chajul, San Juan Cotzal, and those are considered the center of the region. Beside these small towns, there are smaller villages around the mountains, some accessible by local transport and others far out, only reachable by foot. Some villages inhabited by few dozens of people are far up to 3000 meters, and others are kilometers away from accessible roads.
Agriculture is here the main occupation for mens.
Women practice an old traditional waving method. They can spend months of work and patience on one piece. Farming is also a daily commitment for them.

From village to village, I have explored and hike for few weeks some parts of this region. Crossing some beautiful mountains and valleys whom are rich in culture and nature.

This serie is a portrait document about the beautiful Ixil People living behind and beyond the Cuchumatanes mountains.

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