Cosmic Convergence

Cosmic Convergence 2018 — Ancestral Awakening

A portrait serie captured during the festival, including some of the preparations and arrivals

« As we collectively sprint towards the future at accelerating speeds, the wisdom of the ancestors is more relevant than ever before. In order to stay grounded in our humanity with the coming widespread implementation of exponential technologies such as artificial intelligence, we must remember the fundamental things that make us human.

Humanity is on the verge of a global reawakening, a remembrance, a resurgence of ancestral traditions. With hundreds of ancient cities discovered in the Mayan heartland of Guatemala at the beginning of 2018, the rediscovery of our ancestral cultures has begun in earnest. The indigenous Guatemalan ancestors descended from the ancient Maya civilization are amongst the few thriving ancestral peoples continuing to weave the rich threads of ancestral tradition through the fabric of a hundred generations. Encoded in the colorful tapestries of the Maya people are undying stories, symbols, and systems that have endured the millennia.

As we awaken to the messages and teachings of the ancestors that echo through the chambers of time, we can receive the wisdom that will equip us to evolve into a post-national planetary species.

Cosmic Convergence Festival is a 4-day gathering  celebrating Mayan culture and conscious living.
The festival hosts a diverse array of music, performances, workshops, art installations, local foods, healing modalities, ancient Mayan traditions, and ecological and social impact activities. All this in one of the most breathtaking landscapes, the sacred ancestral site of Lake Atitlan, Guatemala.
It is a convergence of past, present, and future, designed to provoke a shift in consciousness to rethink what lifestyles are possible today. »            – Cosmic Convergence.

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