Recapitulation of a world project

Fews images and words  as introduction of a photography project around the world.

A life travel and a portrait serie project around the world in progress. In the street, on the road, from far country side to cities I move around remote places to contemplate, live and photography different cultures.

From the street of Dhaka to the villages of Rajasthan, on the side of the Ganga river to the suburb of Varanasi, from the jungle of West Papua to the Caribbeans, in the Namibian desert to the remote villages of Malawi, and many other places. I have admired and captured the differences but specially the beauty of Humans either physical than emotional.

My black and white vision limit us to one dimension but the artistic intuitions, the understanding of natural light and the technique choices draw the subject in a contrast, darken by reality and lighten by beauty.

The subject is in his environment. I compose my frame with proximity of the stranger. As a 35mm lens as my visions. The proximity of the subject reflect on the final portrait to propose an intimate representation and observation of the individual and his expressions.

Different cultures, different environments, different social and politics conditions, I capture portraits ; light, shadow, lines and love of Peoples to bring beauty on reality. This serie is a selection of 35 portraits of few years travelling around the world.

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