A life travel and a portrait series project around the world in progress since almost 5 years. In the street, on the road, from far country side to cities I move around remote places to contemplate, live and photography different cultures.

From the street of Dhaka to the villages of Rajasthan, on the side of the Ganga river to the suburb of Varanasi, from the jungle of West Papua to the Caribbeans, in the Namibian desert to the remote villages of Malawi, and many other places. I have admired and captured the differences but specially the beauty of Humans either physical than emotional.

Different cultures, different environments, different social and politics conditions, I capture portraits ; light, shadow, lines and love of Peoples to bring beauty on reality. This serie is a selection of portraits of few years travelling around the world.

About me

I’m a 26 years old vagabond traveler from Montreal. At the age of 18 I left home for 2 years to experience and travel the world. Discovering photography as my life passion I went back to Montreal from 2011 to 2012 to study photography at School. Since my studies are done, I have been away from Canada, traveling from continents to continents, countries to countries achieving a world portraits and street photography project where cultures and traditions meet.

During the past 5 years, I have been moving and exploring around different beautiful and remotes communities of this world, living and surviving as a Nomad with my backpack and camera. I will be back in Montreal for some exhibitions project in May. After, I’m going back on my way direction Asia or Africa for more Travels and Portraits…

ma gueule-namibie